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Who we are?

“We”, “us” and “our” in our website implies Welcome to Kerala, which is a private limited company restriction with shares. Addressed at Swathi, TRA 365, Thittamangalam, Vattiyoorkavu, Trivandrum. Pin.: 695 013. Kerala. India.

Our agreement with travelers

Our concurrence with you is expected to secure your pastimes; it advises you will get the most reasonable services with good quality when you book your get-away with Welcome to Kerala.

Your travel booking

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Your travel cost

All prices in this flyer are exact at the site/gift dispatch date, yet we keep up whatever specialist is expected to change any of those expenses infrequently. Prices can go up or down. Your Vacation Consultant will have the ability to tell you the forward cost of your picked occasion and of whatever different organizations advanced in the site/handout before insisting your booking. You would need to simply pay the cost exhibited at this moment of time in our handout paying little heed to the likelihood that there are switches that surfaces at later reason for time.

On the off chance that we change your vacation

We assume that we won't have to reveal any change to your get-away in light of the way that your occasions are organized various months early. We now and again do need to present changes with regards to unanticipated conditions. We keep up all specialists to do this at whatever point. We will educate you regarding any fundamental changes when you book. If you have adequately occupied, we will disclose to you when we can, if there is time before your flight. In case we let you think about any of these movements after we have asserted your booking, you can either recognize these new plans or recognize a substitution occasion from us of relative or almost practically identical standard and cost, on the off chance that one is open. We would take proposition from you about the revised date of fly out and endeavor to suit for a reconsidered occasion. If not, we would markdown the whole paid by you less the administrative cost realized in booking hotels and distinctive workplaces.

On the off chance that we wipe out your vacation

Our indicate is give your get-away as occupied. In any case if, for example, there is strike or non-availability as a result of unexpected condition, we may cross out it. We keep up all specialists to wipe out your excursion in those conditions. In case we drop your get-away, you can either have a rebate or recognize a substitution occasion from us of equivalent or about practically identical standard and cost, (on the off chance that one is open) start from date of your proposition. We would markdown everything paid by if we wipe out the booking

Changes from named stay for lodgings and properties

We assert all specialists to change to settlement from the named one at the outset attestation to another. Welcome to Kerala at typical between times screens the organizations offered by the lodgings and diverse properties centered on customer feedback. This would realize change of properties from the beginning agreed one. We would reliably endeavor to suit in a near class of property as at initially organized. If the class of cabin is better than the first bustling motel/property, Welcome to Kerala asserts all expert to change you for the same. If the motel standard is shy of what at first bustling property, Welcome to Kerala would pay you back the qualification entirety.

Changes to your flights

Welcome to Kerala at this moment does not accept obligation for flights of customers. Because of advance in the flight arrange from the early on one, you need to cozy us adequately early. We would endeavor to suit the change the degree this would be conceivable. Welcome to Kerala keeps up whatever specialist is expected to disdain the updated date of travel is there are issues in re-insisting the lodgings/properties and transport workplaces. In case of openness Welcome to Kerala would change a legitimate charge of 100 USD for each of the schedule. You moreover need to pay the total obtained as qualification from the initial cost for any hotel settlement and travel charges.

Imperative note – holidays outside our limits to control

Occasions outside our breaking point to control include: war, danger of war, turmoil ridden situations, basic unsettling impacts, fear monger development, mechanical level headed discussion, customary and nuclear calamities, fire, scourges, prosperity risks, particular issues with transport outside our capacity to control or that of our providers, close or congested plane terminals or ports, typhoons and other genuine or potential genuine atmosphere conditions, and some other practically identical occasions. For these circumstances Welcome to Kerala does not hold commitment of intersection out of occasion schedules.

Our obligation regarding your getaways

We will plan you to get the organizations that make up the occasion that you pick and that we avow. These organizations will be given either direct by us or via self-ruling providers contracted by us. We are responsible for checking that every one bit of the occasion you book with us is given to a sensible standard and as delineated. If any bit of your get-away is not given as delineated and this royal gems your get-away, we will pay you appropriate whole. This is subject to the dissents under thought. We keep up all specialist to detest any cases centered around the method for protestation. We have taken all sensible thought to check that every one of the organizations which make up the occasions advanced by us, or which structure ventures available from our specialists, are given by gainful and respectable associations. These associations should take after the area and national laws and controls of the country where they are given.

Mode of payments

Further to information on the availability of a given visit schedule the visit can be occupied, in case it is reliably bustling 3 months before the date of travel, 25% of the total cost should be paid through one of the going with decisions.

  • ➤ Demand Draft
  • ➤ Cheque
  • ➤ Credit Card

We would perceive receipt of the portion by email/mail. The visit agenda is attested soon after receipt of the total. You would be outfitted with an outstanding visit id for the specific schedule close by a point by point visit plan, motivation of key things and other huge inconspicuous components.

The last 75% of the portion should be made no less than 08 weeks or 02 months going before the date of travel.

The schedule is regarded as recognized by WELCOME TO KERALA just on getting everything of the visit agenda. In case the agenda is occupied shy of what 2 months going before the date of travel, 100% of the portion should be made all around. Assertion of the portion and an organized motivation would then be sent by email.

Your stay

The stay we coordinate you ought to simply be used by those people named on your Vacation Receipt (or on any Last Receipt issued). You are not allowed to grant the settlement or let whatever other individual remain there.


Terms & Conditions

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