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Kollam harbours the Sahya Mountains on its eastern border and Arabian Sea on its western. Though, most famous for its delicious cashews, Kollam is also renowned for its beautiful and eye-pleasing sceneries. It is not only the district’s present that is absolutely remarkable, but its history is also rich in culture. The influence of the Dutch and the Portuguese can be easily spotted in and around the district. Earlier, the focal point of the revenue division of Travancore, today, it is home to the plush mineral sands, china clay, and titanium etc. People in the district are till date very fond of their society and background; they still follow their traditional calendar Kollavarsham- which is also the traditional calendar for the whole of Kerala. Even more attractive is the district’s architecture that was planned and designed by the Syrians. Various places that you must visit in Kollam have been listed below in order of their distance from the district:  Ashram Picnic Village: this is only two kilometres from the district and is the most ideal place to forget the frenzies of a hurried city life. As far as your stay here is concerned, there is a very refined guest house in the area. You must also visit the amusement and the traffic park here. However, Ashram Picnic Village’s biggest attraction are the backwaters, known by the name of Ashtamudi flowing right through the park that also complete the scenery here.

The Mahatama Gandhi Beach

Most famous for the sunset, this beach is located at a two kilometres distance from the district. Marking the end of the day in the golden and warm sand, watching the sunset is a bliss that is a luxury for the few and dream for many can be witnessed here. There is also a park adjacent to the beach wherein you can spend some quality time with your family.

Thirumullavaram Beach

One of the major tourist attractions and a famous beach, Thirumullavaram Beach is an ideal getaway. Its location is only 5 kilometres west from Kollam. Alongside the beach is also a resort that offers excellent facilities to the families staying over.


Located at a distance of 5 kilometres from the Kollam town, this is the hub of antique structures in Kerala. The lovely architecture of this place in Kollam dates back to the 18 th Century. In fact, most of the churches and other buildings also bear the testimony of the ageless architecture. What is most pleasing to the eye is a 144 feet high lighthouse that was built in the year 1992.

Poovar Island

The picturesque Poovar village is located on Trivandrum’s southern tip. The village was formed centuries ago to serve as a vital trading centre. Presently, the irresistible beauty of the place attributable to the backwaters is the major source of attraction for tourists. The island is far away from the hustle and bustle of the fast paced city and serves as the perfect retreat for people who wish to spend a few moments of peace communing with nature.

Krishnapuram Palace Museum

While your stay at Thangassery, you must pay a visit to the Krishnapuram Palace Museum that is more often than not, referred to as the pride and honour of the State of Kerala. This palace offers an ideal insight into the ancient times in Kerala for the tourists. The gates open only from 10:00 am to 5: 00 pm, except on Mondays. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to witness the great building that has been specially and diligently restored by the government for your pleasure.

The Paravur Beach

The next destination and an attraction for the tourists is the Paravur Beach. This beach is only 13 kilometres from the main town of Kollam and is very famous for its restless clear waters. This is place where you can immerse yourself in a pal of tranquillity.


This is a village that is at about twenty three kilometres distance from the town of Kollam. This place is a little more special than the rest as the famous, Kettuvallom- the houseboats are made in this part of the district. More importantly, this village is located at almost the foot of the backwaters of Kerala. Earlier, this was the pivot of all the trade taking place in the district, mainly used for the purposes of transportation of cargo.

Today, however, this place entices tourists for its backwaters of Alleppey and Kumarakom. The houseboats that take you around in the backwaters are fully equipped with all the facilities required for your comfortable stay. It is in fact, safe to say that it is hotel on the go in water.


This is another village that is only twenty seven kilometres from this town that you must pay a visit to. This village is the epicentre of all the religious activities due to the numerous places of pilgrimage and of worship. The most famous temple out of all is the Parabrahma temple that is dedicated not t,o a religious deity or God but to the Universal Consciousness.

In addition to the above, this place is well-known for the remarkable form of martial arts that was invented and developed here, called the Kalaripayattu. It is a completely different experience to witness the trained army men carrying their swords and shields, displaying their talent and skills while standing in water that is knee-deep.

Varkala Beach

The beach is popular among tourists. However, the beach does not experience heavy tourist inflow as its counterpart Kovalam beach. From the beach, you can catch glimpses of the spellbinding views of the Arabian Sea. The beach is located under a promontory. There is a temple in close proximity to the beach and people with a bent for spiritualism will derive defining pleasure over here. Another beach in the vicinity of the main beach is Black Beach which derives its name from the black sands scattered along the coastline. It is a quite beach.


This village is located almost in the same area as the Ochira village and is well recognised due to its illustrious mat industry. What sets this village apart from the rest is the feature of mat making through leaves of screw-pines and various other articles. Another site deserves your visit is a very celebrated archaeological spot. This is known by the name of Maruthookulangara and Pallikkulam and is the place, where the famous ancient Buddha statute was found and then evacuated.


It houses the Sasthamcottah freshwater lake in Kerala. The lake is a beautiful sight lined with lush green coconut palms on its sides, making a picture perfect view. To cater to your needs and for a comfortable overnight stay here, you will find plenty of resorts. Another attraction of this location are the health resorts and clinics in the area.

This is where the famous exotic health centres, spas, clinics and resorts work the magic of special massages and ayurvedic treatments. While most of the famous attractions have been listed above for you, it is also important to know how to reach there. You will be delighted to know that transportation is not a problem in Kerala. Trivandrum houses an airport, which is only seventy kilometres away from Kollam. Apart from the airport in Trivandrum, there is also a Kollam Central Railway Station that makes this town easily accessible.

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