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Located near the Sahya Mountains and above the sea level of the North Kerala’s eastern frontier, this district is very well known for its majestic views and welcoming climatic conditions. Due to its perfect location, the typical weather in the district is charmingly unruffled and delightful throughout the year. The hills and the peaceful mountains only add to the charm of the place. The most appealing feature of this district is its proximity with nature. The breath-taking spice plantations, snow cladded hills the amusing water bodies complete the picturesque location of this place.

Edakkal Cave

These caves are one of the major tourist attractions in and around Kerala as it displays the great marvels of nature. The most noteworthy aspect of these caves are that there has been absolutely zero human interference in having these constructed and are a result of the natural forces. The cave is formed as a grand cleft in a huge rock and appeals considerably to the historians and archaeologists. The walls of the cave have been carved by the tribes living in and around the cave over a large number of years. These carvings give the tourists an insight into the ancient life in the region. The structures so carved are of sports, human and animal figures along with numerous symbols. Many historians are of the view that this cave is the evidence of one of the earliest centres of human habitation.

Pookot Lake

This is a freshwater lake that entices many tourists to itself on a regular basis. Boating in this lake- whether on row boats or on pedal boats, is an exquisite experience in itself due to the green and high ranges along the lake. If you are not fond of water sports or are not in a mood to go for boating, you must at least take a long walk alongside the lake- that in itself is an enchanting experience. After taking a refreshing stroll all around the lake, it is but natural if you also want to spend some time relaxing in the park located right next to the lake. Make sure you have enough time when you visit this lake because it will be such a pity if you are unable to visit the aquarium, the green-house and the nursery. Most of all, you can also shop for the artefacts and handicrafts, the spices grown in and around the area.

Vadakkumnatha Kshethram

This is a multifaceted location that houses numerous shrines, sculptures dedicated to a number of deities. It is one of the very important locations in the district as the site that the temple is situated at, forms the landmark that serves as a point of indication of direction in and around district. The architecture of the structure so built speaks deeply about the excellent work of the local craftsmen. You must visit the temple around the months of April or May, when the Pooram festival celebrations are being held with full might around the temple. The courtyards of the temple around this time of the year are filled with numerous colours and the decorations are extremely pleasing to the eyes. The music on the other hand is equally reliving and pacifying for the ears.


Thirunelli is a perfect spot for sitting and spending quality time with your family. This place is located right in the middle of the Brahmagiri hills. Its green covers in concoction with the clear streams and a beautiful weather offer great opportunities to the tourists for exploring the fascination of nature. The Vishnu temple located in this area, with its majestic architecture and strong religious vibes has never failed to impress tourists from the country and beyond. The temple is sure to interest you but the route to the temple is even more captivating- it is a series of dilapidated steps that one needs to climb to reach the temple. Not very far from the Vishnu Temple is the Papanasini spring that is very famous amongst the native people owing to its sanctity and sacred powers. This place also earns its importance from the fact that the district is named after it. The name Thirunelli was derived from 'Thekkan Kaasi', i.e. Kaasi of the South India.


This place is located at a mere distance of seven kilometres from the Thirunelli temple. Owing to its apt location, it is an ideal place to set off on a trekking trail with your friends or family. It is always advisable, however, that you take along with yourselves, a guide so you don’t lose your way and are also able to spot the various species of exotic flora and fauna on your trek. This area also houses a cave that interests many tourists. It is strongly believed that the said cave was occupied by the saints and used for meditation for several years. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary or Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: This was established around the 1970s and is covered under the Project Elephant aimed at preserving the depleting number of elephants in the country. Only sixteen kilometres to the east of Sulthaan Bathery, this wildlife sanctuary covers a total area of three hundred and forty five square kilometres. If you are particularly lucky on that day, you may even spot various herds of elephants while on the safari tour in the sanctuary.


This is the highest location in the whole district and is more often than not, referred to as the gateway of Wayanad. The way up-hill to Lakkidi is strikingly gorgeous- covered with hills and full of hairpin bends along the road. The refreshing and cool climate throughout the year only adds to the magnificence of the place. In addition to the climate and location, Lakkidi offers its tourists picturesque sceneries and radiant views. Another feature that adds to the charm of this place is the villa of Kunjan Nambiar. He was a marvellous poet and also invented the famous art form Ottanthullal. Soochippara Waterfall and Sentinel Rock Water Fall: These waterfalls are the most famous out of all the waterfalls in Wayanad. It is in fact a chain of waterfalls in Soochippara near Meppadi that is indeed picture perfect. This is formed from a stream cascading down all the way from Sahya Mountains. While you are here, ensure that you completely exploit the facilities in the area by going for water rafting, swimming, bathing in the area that are readily available to the tourists. There are also many temples that are worthy of your time and which you must pay a visit to. Some of the most famous and beautiful temples here are: the Ananthanatha Swami Temple at Puliyarmala, the Ananthaswami Jain temple near Kalpetta and the famous Glass Temple of Koottamunda. In addition to the above, you must also visit Banasura Sagar that is the largest earth dam in India.

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