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Palakkad is nestled in the Western Ghats. The idyllic beauty replete with verdant landscapes, exotic flora, evergreen tropical forests, rare species of fauna, and imposing monuments is verily a place that should sit at the top of any tourist’s itinerary. People desirous of ayurvedic healing can visit the traditional treatment centres and recuperate while communing with the Mother Nature. You will literally run out of time while exploring interesting places across Palakkad. Palakkad’s myriad tourism venues are being discussed over here to assist you in getting a comprehensive and panoramic view of the offerings of the ‘Rice Bowl of Kerala’.

Palakkad Fort

The imposing fort lies within the precincts of main town and has been wonderfully preserved. The granite walls of the fort stand witness to the historic turmoil that the country had been subjected to. Mysore’s valiant warrior Hyder Ali, father of Tipu Sultan, got it constructed in 1766 AD. After Tipu lost the battle to British East India Company, the fort changed hands. The spacious Fort Maidan features ‘Rappadi’, the open air auditorium, District Tourism Promotion Council’s Tourism Information Centre, and martyr’s column. Alongside the fort, there is a sprawling garden and children’s park.

Nelliampathy Hills

The mesmerizing hills with peaks covered in mist are ideal for people who are planning an escapade from the searing summer heat. The hill resort is some 75 Km from Palakkad. The rolling hills feature peaks with height ranging from 465 to 1570 meters. Excursion lovers can go trekking along the jungle trails. Seethargundu commands spellbinding views of the valley beneath. The hill sprawls over 82 sq. km area with the highest peak being Nellikotta. Other peaks worth visiting are Mayanmudi, Vellachimudi, Vela Vanchan and Valiyavana; all peaks soar beyond 1220 m from mean sea level. In close proximity is the Pothundi reservoir where you can catch sight of 1000 m high waterfall. Legend has it that Devi Sita bathed here during exile.


Situated 12 Km from Palakkad, the scenic garden captivates tourists with its mesmerizing blend of natural beauty brought about by grand mountains criss-crossed by serene river waters. The garden features sylvan lawns, flower beds fragrant with the aroma of enchanting exotic blooms, fountains and pools. The place has special appeal for children who can cruise through the park on the toy train. Nearby are the Snake Park and fresh water aquarium. You can boat and fish in the reservoir. The landscape is resplendent with the small garden build along Japanese traditional parks. Above the river is a hanging bridge. The sculpture of Yakshi crafted by well-known artist Kanai Kunhiraman makes you awe with wonder. Another attraction is the passenger ropeway which is nowhere to be found in South India. You can experience the timeless panoramic beauty of the garden from air sitting in the cab suspended from ropes. The tour takes some twenty minutes to get completed. You can climb at the top of the telescopic tower to get a view of forty miles around the garden. Nearby is the Kerala’s first amusement park ‘Fantasy Park’ which has been modelled along the lines of the Essel world and Appu Garh. You can enjoy a plethora of thrilling rides that would leave your heart racing with thrill and delight. The rock garden in the vicinity is worth visiting.


People craving for the earthy feel in Kerala can experience that rustic mood in Pothundy, located around 38 Km from town. The water of Ayalure River’s tributaries is harvested by an earthen dam that came up as a part of the irrigation project commissioned in 1968. The canal spans for 10 Km and irrigates approx. 5465 ha of land in Alathur and Chittue Taluks. The spellbinding country sight will make you unwind and commune with nature.

JP Smirthivanam and Deer Park

Situated 22 Km from Palakkad, the smritivanam constitutes a part of Walayar forest reserve. The deer park is a protected spot that offers the opportunity of watching these slender animals closely in their natural habitat. Within the forest, you will come across a number of exotic species some of which are on the brink of extinction. Elephant rides are arranged to move through the park.

Chulannur Peacock Protection Centre

The national bird peacock is reared and preserved in the protected region situated 22 Km from Palakkad. The Chulannur region features Kunjan Nambiar Smrudhi forest, the dense woodland.

The Silent Valley National Park

Sprawling across 90 sq. km of land, the park falls in the north eastern side of Palakkad. On the north, the park gains height to rub shoulders with Nilgiri Plateau whereas on the south, it overlooks the Mannarkkad plains. From the Nilgiri hills emanates Kundhi river, the source of crystal clear water round the year. The park is populated by tropical rain forests which have remained intact in their ecological setup due to minimal human interference. The chief attraction is the mammoth Kattualying tree variety growing in the wilderness which is hollow from within.


Situated 15 Km from town, the place is revered for the Kandethan temple which boasts of mesmerizing architecture and sculpting. The celebrated Carnatic music maestro, Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavather, was born in the nearby Chembai village. Famous Kathakali dancer, master Kunju Kurup was also born here.


The place weathered political storms during the South Malabar tenant movement in Madras Presidency. Ottappalm is famous for the annual festival, Talapolli held in Chathan Kandar Kavu temple which was constructed by Kanjoor Namboodiri family. The site of the temple is the place where Chathan, a low caste person, observed blood spilling out of the whetstone against which he had been sharpening his knife. Durga is the presiding deity of the temple. In the nearby Ottappalam mosque, local muslims celebrate the Nercha festival. Nercha takes place on the death anniversary of Uthaman Auliya, a saint who had lived and died in the mosque.


The Kalpathy Viswanatha Swami Temple is the site for Kalpathy Cart Festival. The temple has the unique distinction of being the oldest in Malabar area and was constructed in 1425 Ad by Palakkad’s Raja Kombi Achan. The temple features four chariots and during the concluding days of Alpasi, Rethilsavam is celebrated.

Chittur’s Bhagavathy temple is located 10 Km from Palakkad town and is the site for annual Konganpada festival. The festival is organized annually on the 1st Monday following the new moon night in February. This genesis of the festival can be traced to hundreds of years backs when the Nairs of Chittur had registered a thumping victory over the strong army of Rajadh Raja, Chola king from Coimbatore.
Jainmedu near main town is the site of an ancient Jain temple constructed around 500 years ago in the memory of Chandranathaswamy, one of the Jain Thirthankars. The Jains who inhabited the area had fled when Tipu Sultan invaded the area.
Nemmara Vallenghy Vela festival is celebrated annually on twentieth Meenam during March and April by the residents of Nenmara and Vallenghy to seek the blessings of Nellikulangara Bhagavathy. The beautifully embellished temple in Chittur Taluk lies in the Vallenghy village. Grandeur of the festival would appear awe inspiring to you.
The Kallekulangara Bhagavathy Temple,at Akathethara is the site for Shivaratri festival, which is celebrated with great pomp and splendour. The festival concludes with the poojan of Hemambika deity.
The famous Vishnu Temple of Kachanamkurichy is the site for Arrat festival which is held in the month of May and is attended by throngs of pilgrims.
If you are interested in being part of other festivities, you may consider attending the Pooram festival in Kongad Bhagavathy temple, Navaratri festival in Pallavur Siva Mandir, Retholsavam at Kodumba Subrahmanya Temple, Mahamakom in Kodumbu temple ( occurs once in twelve years) and Amavasi Festival in Trippallur Siva Temple.
Palakkad’s spirit vibrates with invigorating energy and beckons tourists who crave for experiencing the spiritual and natural richness of Kerala.

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